When you are planning your wedding, there are a lot of questions you might have to get started! Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you in your upcoming plans: How far in advance of my wedding date should I come in to pick out tuxedo styles and colors? We need at least 3 months notice to make your tuxedo plans the best they can be. You can of course come in sooner than that if you would like to get tuxedos checked off your to do list faster! 3 months ensures that you have enough time to consider the wide variety of styles we have available, and that your groomsmen have plenty of time to come in and get their measurements taken or sent to us. What colors and styles do you carry? At Kaufmans, we have a large variety of in-stock tuxedos, as well as the ability to special order a variety of great styles. We would be happy to have you come in a take a look at our selection. We do all our special orders through a great company called Jims Formalwear They have a great site where you can preview tuxedos at your convenience. When should our groomsmen come in to get fitted for tuxedos? Within 4-6 weeks of the wedding we need to have your groomsmen measurements. If at all possible we would love to have your groomsmen come in a see us personally for measurements. However, if one of your groomsmen does not live here we understand! Please have your out of town groomsmen get professionally measured and send us the measurements. If one of your groomsmen gets on a fitness kick or has a few too many cookies, and their pants size changes from the time we get his measurements to the wedding day, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make adjustments. Is it really necessary for our groomsmen to be fitted professionally? YES. We cannot stress how important it is that your groomsmen that will be traveling from elsewhere be professionally measured. This will help to insure that when he arrives his tuxedo will fit properly and nobody has to panic when his shirt sleeves are three inches too short! Does Kaufmans take professional measurements for a wedding taking place out of Great Falls? Yes! If you are going to be in a wedding that is out of town or out of state and you need to be professionally measured, please come see us! It is vitally important to the fit of your tuxedo, when you arrive to the wedding destination, that you be fitted properly. For a small fee of $2.00 we will provide you with a card the states all of the necessary measurements you will need!
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